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5166 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA, 15201
United States


At Chromos Eyewear we sell prescription eyeglasses as well as polarized sunglasses. Prices start at just $65 for polarized sunglasses and $85 for complete pairs of prescription glasses.

Prescription/Ordering Info


In order to purchase a pair of glasses, you must provide us with your current glasses prescription at the time of purchase. Prescriptions can expire, so check with your eye doctor first to make sure yours is valid. Below is some more information about lens options and prescriptions. 

Single Vision Prescription - Select this option if you need glasses for distance vision or reading. 

Progressive Prescription - Choose the Progressive lens type if you need glasses with distance, reading, and an intermediate prescription. These are also called No-Line Bifocals. 

Pupillary Distance (PD) - PD is the distance (in millimeters) between your pupils. We need this in order to properly center your lenses for perfectly clear vision. Some doctors will list it with your prescription. If you don't have your PD, you can use this online tool, or stop by a local optical store and have them measure it for you.

Hi-Index Lenses - Hi-Index lenses are lenses made with a thinner material to help aesthetically and visual. We recommend adding this lens option if your prescription is stronger than +3.00 or -3.00.