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5166 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA, 15201
United States


At Chromos Eyewear we sell prescription eyeglasses as well as polarized sunglasses. Prices start at just $65 for polarized sunglasses and $85 for complete pairs of prescription glasses.

Frame Your Life Blog

Throwback Thursday: When an ordinary tent becomes a work of art!

Daniel Childs

Earlier this year we took a plain old white tent and turned it into something amazing. With the help of our friends at Studio AM in Pittsburgh we created a cool, eye-catching tent that stands out in a crowd. The real fun in this project was the collaboration that went into the creation of the tent. Working with like-minded, motivated, and creative individuals is always a great experience and especially when it involves doing something as open and free flowing as spray painting a blank canvas. Big thanks to Baron Batch and Sean Beauford over at Studio Am it's always a pleasure working with you guys.

Have any interesting stories about working with a blank canvas or having a great collaboration experience? Tell us about it!