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5166 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA, 15201
United States


At Chromos Eyewear we sell prescription eyeglasses as well as polarized sunglasses. Prices start at just $65 for polarized sunglasses and $85 for complete pairs of prescription glasses.

Frame Your Life Blog

"You just sell glasses, Why have a blog?"

Daniel Childs

I've gotten a lot of questions about why I plan on writing a blog for this site. My response is usually a resounding, “Why not?” Everyone and every company has stories to tell and this is how we plan to share ours.

I don't want to be a brand that just tweets out links to its shop every 5 minutes and blasts your news feed with promotional material. While providing you with a great product is our primary focus, we also want to share stories about the impact of vision-- something we often take for granted. 

Glasses are windows to world for many people. A friend of mine got glasses when she was ten years old. She didn't even realize that she couldn't see until she walked to the bus stop for the first time with her new glasses. The asphalt that previously appeared to be fuzzy and gray was suddenly made of small rocks, and the trees that were green blobs had visible, individual leaves. This story might seem silly, but it was so exciting for her. The inability to see these small details can amount to missing out on a lot more. The world is full of fine, innocuous details, but all of them deserve to be seen. Everyone should get to appreciate the small things. Thats why we're here. 


Have an interesting story about your first experience with glasses? Please share!