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At Chromos Eyewear we sell prescription eyeglasses as well as polarized sunglasses. Prices start at just $65 for polarized sunglasses and $85 for complete pairs of prescription glasses.


Frame Your Life Blog

Natiq Jalil

Daniel Childs

The next time you’re hanging out in Lawrenceville, swing on by and check out the latest art exhibit we have hanging on our walls.

Yep, that’s right – Chromos has a rotating art gallery!

We’re continuing to combine our love of art + Pittsburgh by putting the spotlight on local artist Natiq Jalil, whose alluring watercolors will be on display through the end of July.

“Natiq caught my eye approximately two years ago at an event here in Pittsburgh called RAW,” said Purple Room Fine Art curator/artist Carolyn Pierotti. “These events, while interesting, can be very chaotic and loud.  I turned the corner and there he was, sitting quietly doing a demo, and I hadn't seen anything that compared to his style in the Pittsburgh area. His work was controlled, but yet had this beautiful free quality to it, a celebration of women - all colors, shapes and forms.  As an artist, I truly admire anyone who can work that way.  Working in acrylic and oils can be difficult, but working in watercolor is another animal in itself.”

A self-taught artist, Jalil believes that true art begins in the moments between being asleep and being awake, working to bring out the cerebral nature of the content via organic shapes, vivid color washes and beautiful gestural line work. The piece’s central figures – often a strong female – are elevated to a spiritual level in an effort to pull the viewer into a meditative experience.

What we love most about supporting local artists like Natiq Jalil is that it also gives you the opportunity to own an original piece without breaking the bank. Price points can range anywhere from $10 for a print to $500 for an original work.

Stop in and check it out!

Chromos Cares Langley

Daniel Childs

On May 31, we headed out to the Pittsburgh Public School’s Langley campus to dispense 27 eyeglasses to students in grades K-8 who participated in our Chromos Cares program.

What a great way to get out of class for a few minutes, right?

A week prior, our opticians were on site to provide free eye exams to deserving students. Those in need of corrective lenses were given the opportunity to pick out the frame of their choice from display cases we brought with us.

Purple, pink, tan, brown, black, multi-colored…the styles they chose came in every shade of the rainbow. We had a blast watching them pick out the one that best suited their personality.


For some of the kids, this was the first time they had ever worn corrective lenses – for others, the pair they received replaced their own that had broken.

“We’re happy to help them because they might not have a chance to get another pair,” said owner Daniel Childs, who single handedly distributed each pair and ensured they fit properly.

One of the things we love most about the program is that you’re part of its success - every pair of Chromos Eyewear sold supports the initiative.

To date, Chromos Cares has provided 250 eyeglasses to deserving kids in the Pittsburgh Public School System. Our trip to Langley was the last one of the school year.

Other campuses we visit on a three-year rotation include Arsenal, Arlington, Manchester, Faison,Lincoln, Miller, Weil, and Allegheny.

We can’t wait to hit the road again once the fall semester begins!

Waxed Abstraction

Daniel Childs

There are so many awesome galleries around here: Wood Street, SPACE, Fein Art, Society for Contemporary Craft, Chromos Eyewear…

Wait, what?

No, that’s not a typo – you read it right. Combining the two things we love the most, art + Pittsburgh, we created a gallery within the store so we could spotlight our city’s amazingly talented local artists. 

“We’re all about seeing things clearly and wanted to provide people with a really cool visual experience,” said owner Daniel Childs.

So we hooked up with Purple Room Fine Art curator/artist Carolyn Pierotti and began covering the walls with exhibits that rotate every two months from the likes of Keith Clouse, Kait Schoeb, Scott HunterTerry Boyd, Mia Tarducci Henry, and Atticus Adams

“I thought it was really phenomenal. It’s giving the artists another type of exposure that they might not be getting in the city of Pittsburgh,” Pierotti said. 

Through March 30th, we’ll be featuring “Waxed Abstraction: An Exhibition of Encaustic Art” by Marlene Boas, inspired by her decades-worth of experience as a therapist and coach. 

“Issues on the surface are scraped away to unearth the hidden colors below,” she says. “This is how I understand the human psyche: it is multi-layered, complex, and malleable because of our tendency to bury and expose memories, beliefs, and behaviors in different ways at different times.”

“Usually in encaustic art, the colors are very muted,” Pierotti added. “But Marlene really takes it to another level.” 

Whenever any piece from any artist catches your eye, go ahead and buy it! And don’t worry about having to be a millionaire in order to afford an original piece of art; there’s something for everyone with price points that range from $20 all the way up to $1,000. 

Swing on by and see for yourself!